Tunnel House

tunnel inversion house

Isn’t it great how creativity kicks in when times running out. Take for example this incredible and beautiful installation by artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck a few months before this house was to be demolished…. I’m guessing they saw any opportunity to do something freaking crazy cool to a space that was going to be destroyed and turned this old house into a trippy wooden warp zone! More pics after the jump.(including whats at the end of the tunnel)
via hemmy
A few pics via Kevin Omara

tunnel inversion house

tunnel inversion house
tunnel inversion house

tunnel inversion house

tunnel inversion house
CLICK on above image for MUCH larger image!!!!
tunnel inversion house
tunnel inversion house
tunnel inversion house

tunnel inversion house

tunnel inversion house

150 Responses to “Tunnel House”

  1. Taco Jack Says:

    That is amazing. It reminds me of the final moments of the house in the movie ‘Poltergeist’.

  2. tango! Says:

    for sure, it’s trippy!

  3. Alan Parekh Says:

    Very cool, what do the neighbors think?

  4. Gluek Says:

    Wow! Nice :)

  5. Jakeukalane (Alberto) Says:

    Cool! It’s really amazing! When a hole in a great building, for example a skyscraper?:-p

  6. sean Says:

    the neighbors must be freaking

  7. grobekelle Says:

    It’s awesome i hope the people don’t use it as an garbage garbage can :)

  8. Chase Says:

    Wow! Our minds really does create reality! It that case, spirits must be fiction; science fiction.
    And, God! Well, our minds created “Him.” Because, there can’t be a “Father” and “Son” without a Mother.

    Oh, I love these photos, my mind is racing with ideas!

    Thanks Dan. Thanks Dean for sharing such wonderful creativity!

  9. Tim Says:

    Did anyone get splinters?

  10. Pablo Says:

    Nobody should demolish this great installation!!!!

  11. madagaska Says:

    That is so amazingly creative.
    Very refreshing.

  12. Sean Says:

    I always wondered what would happen if somebody managed to divide by zero…

  13. M.A. Says:

    YAY! There’s art in Houston! And, now, the world knows.

  14. pollons Says:

    esta de pocasupinchimadre!

  15. Horny Says:

    Esta de supiinchisisiisimadre chingon¡

  16. eehgow Says:

    Creatively creepy.

  17. jeffrey Says:

    wow! where is this place? it is freaking creative, my mind cannot stop spinning, well done.

  18. héctorbwn Says:

    Una muy buena idea para desarrollarse

  19. Nathan Says:


  20. American Pundit Fighting Says:

    Wow, props to the artists, the open minded house owner and neighbors. Life is grand

  21. Daniel Says:

    More than amazing!

  22. Brittny Says:

    High Fiveee. So niceeee.

  23. a1one Says:

    nad ass.

  24. pirat Says:


  25. snuffrider Says:

    fucking brilliant…

  26. chicken Says:

    Imagine walkin down the street trippin and finding this house. wow!

  27. angel sanchez Says:

    cheers from Mexico for the tunnel house

  28. houstonballerina Says:

    I used to live right next to that! I was on campus at the college down there when I was dancing at the Houston Ballet Academy. I walked past it, and was like, oh. That’s niffty.
    Then, two years later, no more dance, a probably unhealthy obsession with street art, and BAM! Here it is!

  29. anngiee Says:

    esta bieeen conmadreee!

  30. dominiquew Says:

    Geeee, this is just amazing. But, I mean, how much time and effort did this take ???

  31. Ram Says:

    Muy buena idea!

  32. collin Says:

    good project!

  33. tehbias Says:

    I agree with “c a” – This is like Gordon Matta-Clark — but INVERTED!!! haha – Thanks for the photos!

  34. Carl Says:

    This is wild, one of the most creative public pieces of art I have seen in a long time. Brilliant. I’m very impressed. Thank you for sharing it.

  35. Kerry Lauren Heaney Says:

    1 word WOW!!!!!!!!!

  36. SF sucks - stay away Says:

    I never follow links on that smarmy, pretentious Wooster site, but glad I did this time!!! Shit’s hella dope! I thought it was painted from the thumbnail.

  37. RAFI Says:


  38. mireia Says:


    A very interesting new version of “Arte pobera”.

  39. bob Says:

    Next, a tunnel to china.

  40. jeffro Says:

    and it’s air conditioned!

  41. kristen Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

    procrastination = creation!
    …destruction = creation?

  42. Kreativrauschen Says:

    Inversion – Eine Hausinstallation…

    Die amerikanischen Bildhauer Dan Havel und Dean Ruck haben 2005 in ein Haus eine Art Vortex gebaut. Inversion nennen sie das entstandene Kunstwerk, das wie ein Tunnel durch das Haus hindurch führt.
    Leider hatte diese schräge Konstruktion nur eine se…

  43. DeMello Says:

    everything in this place ,whats real with whats concieved ,who we are to reason ,what it is that I cannot see ,living in exsentence why is reality touch taste and smell living with our sencenses whose to say our sense is real

  44. dave nystrom Says:

    I guessing these guys are fans of one of my favorite childhood movies “Time Bandits” This looks like you could step through it and kill a minotaur with Sean Connery any time you wanted. I wish there were more creative structures like this that made me feel like I could walk through dimensions and space like this one. nice work.

  45. Carbon Emitter Says:

    So cool. With all the asinine stuff going on in the world, its’ nice to see someone having fun being human.

  46. MytiMouth Says:

    The neighbors were already accustomed to “interesting” things happening next door. The house was occupied by the Art League of Houston and had been used for exhibit space and art classes for over 30 years by then.

    Besides, the place would be demolished soon anyway. The house was on a main thoroughfare and Houston has no zoning.

  47. Ted Says:

    Why do you morons say “after the jump” when you have it all on one page? Learn what stuff means before you start writing it.

  48. tango! Says:

    Ted…cause your on the “jump” page. The main page only has the top images and text..

  49. Michael Says:

    Now thats what I call a hole in the wall house! LoL Still cool though.

  50. artista Says:

    that is sooooooooo amazing!!!!!!! i

  51. SD Says:

    Who’s the moron now Ted?

  52. Palestina Says:

    MUito bom !!!

  53. Mujer Gallina Says:

    a donde va el tunel?
    Es impactante, la primera foto sale un hombre bastante desarrollado y finaliza y/o remata con una chica de diez.
    me pone feliz. Abrazos latinos
    Mujer Gallina

  54. Gillian Says:

    What a great idea! Turning an eyesore into a wonderful peice of real-life, in your face art. Awesome 😉

  55. PhuqueRozie Says:

    Won’t be ong before Rosie Odonnell blames this on President Bush.

  56. Nyxicle Says:

    That house was a pretty cool place. I took some pictures inside the tunnel with my friends about 2 years ago so I’m pretty sure the place has been demolished by now. It was a nice addition to the Houston art community while it lasted. It would’ve been great to keep it around a bit longer, but in a town where historic houses are demolished all the time to make room for cardboard townhomes that sell for $300,000+, good luck with that.

  57. Frank Says:

    Why do you have to bring God into this? This has nothing to do with religion. By the way, Rosie Odonnell has already bitched about it. Nice use of architecture and creativity.

  58. G Says:

    Montrose, Houston…!! I used to live three blocks from here… and remember the house going up…

  59. Julia Says:

    This makes me wet.

  60. volkuris Says:

    will I ever be as bored as the owner of this thing?

  61. tim Says:

    this is amazing, I love it

  62. ace2aces Says:

    How wonderful to see old structures turned into art space. We should see more Art like this.

  63. Pat Says:

    this is super, wonderful idea!!!

  64. Borat Says:

    I like, I like. how much?

  65. Harry Ballzonyah Says:

    I’d like to cram my whole cock into that hole and fuck the house hard!!

  66. davros Says:

    damn who put acid in my frosted flakes?

  67. Suit Alors Says:

    Some context, please: Where is/was this, and when was it constructed?

  68. tango! Says:

    Suit…if you did a bit of clicking and reading, you’d realize this was done a few yrs ago in houston TX.

  69. Antonio Says:

    Creepy sh!t

  70. tim Says:

    I dreamed this few time ago!!!

  71. Deepak sherpa Says:

    i like that type of big hole.

  72. DaLittle1 Says:

    Looks FUN!

  73. Khalis Says:

    I like it. Where is it, I’d like to visit and try it out. Send me directions and location.

  74. zidna Says:

    reaaaaaaaaaaally creative!!! i love it! :)

  75. tayone Says:

    cheers!!! breaking the neighborhood bored line
    like a perspective visual game implosive black hole

  76. KJ and IJ Says:

    Our house looks like that all the time, what’s the big deal?

  77. Edwin Says:

    I live in Austin, but periodically visit Houston museums every few months. I didn’t know this was up, but drove by it and nearly had an accident trying to pull over somewhere to take pictures. Some fun projects pop up on Montrose… The local Houston art scene does have some redeeming qualities after all! =D

  78. offgrid Says:

    Reminds me of “Monster House”

  79. exiter Says:

    that is a trip
    all too creative

  80. mrs gerard way Says:

    wow i love it i want to walk through it :( i want a go

  81. Kenny K Says:

    Stumble is a wonder break in my life. Its design, art , brain work candy for my mind.


  82. zeik Says:

    cool! so cool!i
    cool!so cool! i
    there is a amazingly creative

  83. HyperCthulhu Says:

    This is grand. :) It is the very nature of the artistic mindset to take what normally presents itself as a problem to be removed or resolved somehow and to view it instead as an opportunity. All of life’s beauty comes from this way of thinking.

    As for the Below quote from the above poster. Please don’t use the accomplishments of more creative minds than your own to justify your erroneous beliefs about reality? please.

    “Wow! Our minds really does create reality! It that case, spirits must be fiction; science fiction.
    And, God! Well, our minds created “Him.” Because, there can’t be a “Father” and “Son” without a Mother.

    Oh, I love these photos, my mind is racing with ideas!

    Thanks Dan. Thanks Dean for sharing such wonderful creativity! “

  84. kingster Says:

    What is the point of destroying it? Really cool Any splinters?

  85. image Says:


    fiquei impressionado….


  86. annette Says:

    That is so great!! Who would have thought of that? I bet it took a lot of work to finish it! Super bad ass!

  87. rYAn Says:

    thats what my old house looked like untill it collapsed….now i live in a box

  88. °flo Says:

    dude. i want one of those!

  89. Julio Says:

    Es algo muy creativo y desde otro punto ………. esta con madre !

  90. Robin Says:

    Just so everyone knows, this installation was taken down almost a year ago. It was cool while it lasted.

  91. Markus Says:

    coolest shit ever….I love it!

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  93. andy Says:

    holy nailgun!

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  96. tim Says:

    Can someone tell my where the bathroom is at?

  97. Vicky Says:

    Way cool!

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  102. LEERNICHT Says:

    Woohaaaa! Vette shit ouwe! Zwaar wapperdiewapsieflap en master! Moeilijk gaaf witte wel! I SURE DO LOVE TUNNELS!

  103. Shpetim Says:

    It is just halucinogenic

  104. ron Says:

    Not seen this before looks dangerous but that’s probably part of the fun. In the uk
    they would ban it on safety grounds!

  105. Julian Says:

    Oh! So that’s where that mini-black hole I was tracking went!

  106. Yakkle Says:

    How am i gonna find my stash now ??! huh!?

  107. dan yyyyy Says:

    that is freaking awesome. they should make more of them

  108. dan yyyyy Says:

    people this is cool

  109. Mrs. Brittenham's third graders Says:

    WOW!! We cannot believe how cool this house is! We decided to check out your site because we read a story about Frank Lloyd Wright and we learned about his life by reading his biography. We learned he was an architect! We think it would be awesome to visit that house and a slip and slide down and slip through it! We think you should build more of these!

    March 12, 2008

  110. Mara Says:

    Wow! Cool house! Is the house still going to be torn down, or are they going to let it stand as either art or an obvious playground?

  111. script star crew Says:

    WoW!amazing and yea..it is trippy enough!

  112. Max Trevor Says:

    yeah man. shit. this is amazing

    how could anyone demolish this! they should build a museum around it.

  113. Pauline Says:

    Great Work — were they tripping!!! lots of splinters.

  114. Top 10 Lists Says:

    This looks like something out of Poltergeist, but even cooler since no movie magic was used.

  115. Tiffa Says:

    Q cojon es eso?¿ O.O

  116. luis Says:

    esta muy bueno, la percepcion es como de traspaso a otra dimension , la idea esta genial ojala aca en chile se hagan intervenciones asi. felicitaciones

  117. Mattress Says:

    great post, that house looks cool to visit but never to live. it really does look like something out of the movie poltergeist =)

  118. Product Reviews Says:

    Very cool. The things people come up with.

  119. bobbyjoe Says:

    too cool

  120. John Hendricks Says:

    This is really cool. Another example of the fun things that can be done in the architecture world, even if it is just for fun.


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    I am writing to you from the Spanish architectural magazine* /PASAJES DE ARQUITECTURA Y CRITICA* /(Passages of Architecture and Critique).
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    Dan Havel and Dean Ruck’s TUNNEL HOUSE

    we donn’t know how to contact the artist, so we would like to ask you if you could give us his mail for contact him

    Thank you for your time and I´ll be looking forward to receive your reply soon.

    Kind regards,

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  122. PWN Says:

    SO AWESOME!!!!!

  123. kokot severny Says:


  124. Hunter Gatherer Says:

    Looks like what happened to the mortgage market in 2008…

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  131. Buzz Says:

    What is the point of destroying it? Really cool Any splinters?

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  133. Top Twenty Lists Says:

    Does someone live here or is it just a tourist attraction??

  134. sir jorge Says:

    that reminds me of the time that flanders’s house on the simpsons was demolished by a hurricane, only to get rebuilt by the city folk in a terrible fashion

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  138. Lisa Says:

    The “Tunnel House” is very cool and original. I love it! Thanks for the post. :)

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  140. Bestoti Says:

    Looks like a really bad accident!!!

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  142. Callum Says:

    Very cool!! it is Awsome

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  144. angelina Says:

    i cant bealive its so coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,,and bye the way awsem house

  145. ruckus Says:

    splinter heaven! 😛

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  147. aishwarya Says:

    it is great and unique Tunnel House. i think it has taken many months to construct it.

  148. Anka Says:

    Crazy idea

  149. TH Says:

    Very nice idea! And the way people get sucked in looks great :)

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