Red Bull HQ London: Whoohoooo!!!

Redbull office

Whooohoooo!!! That’s the sound of someone blazing down this new slick carbon slide in the Red Bull office in London right before a meeting! Jump-Studios has created a dynamic interactive space pumped full of adrenaline in this 3 floor escapade for employees of Red Bull filled with stimulating features and activities for everyone to experience! Any tie wearing client is bound to transform into a cool craving stunt junkie after a quick plunge here.

I’m not sure when the last time I was pumped to go to an office, but I’d think a fun environment like this filled with a few cases of Red Bull would do the trick! From ping pong table meeting rooms, to floating staircases, a slick slide, to a modern bar and cafe, and a comfy lounge area… I’d wonder if the balcony had a bungee jump bridge for adrenaline breaks.

For more info on the Red Bull HQ and other sweet projects, hit up Jump-Studios website.  More sweet pics after the jump…

redbull office

Reception desk!

redbull office

View from the top floor entrance.
redbull office

Overlooking the sweet staircase and slick slide!

redbull office

redbull office

redbull office

redbull office

redbull office

redbull office

redbull office londonred bull office londonredbull office

Ping pong meeting! Buh yeah!

126 Responses to “Red Bull HQ London: Whoohoooo!!!”

  1. David Says:

    why can’t anyone do anything original these days? Why does EVERYTHING new have to look like an iPod? Yes it looks cool, but really?!?!?

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    […] Check out these pics of the Red Bull office in London. All I can say is wow! This company looks like it knows how to motivate and energise employees (of course im assuming – it could be a draconian beaurocracy but i somehow doubt it!) […]

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    […] They have slides.  See pictures here. […]

  5. jeff sokalski Says:

    Looks pretty original to me Dave.
    Looking forward to your groundbreaking ideas.


  6. The AV Club Blog » Blog Archive » Design Whore: Redbull HQ Says:

    […] I have said it before, I say it again, I am a whore for interesting design, and The Redbull Headquarters in England is my cocaine.  They have a slide next to the stairs, the conference table is made up to look like (and I am sure function as) a ping pong table, there are all kinds of creative flourishes.  I do not approve of the whole thing looking like a space station out of 2001, but I do appreciate the creativity on display.  For lots more pics of the building, check out designverb. […]

  7. What Says:

    How does it look like an ipod?.. rofl?

    Can a building be designed to look.. like an ipod?

  8. Alessandro Says:

    I’m agree on Ipod design!!!!

  9. bob Says:

    seroius if you are a person like david pfffffffffffffffffffffff

    so wtf if it looks like a ipod

    it cool

    get a grip dudes

  10. Gazman Says:

    With all that money it’s too bad they could only come up with this sterile, homogenised enviroment. What about trees and waterfalls to instill a sense of calm and hide the boring suits you inevitably find yourself woking with. Unimaginative creeps pushing this sugary drink that at the end of the day is adding to our obesity epidemic!
    My design would have that slide leading to the unemployment office.

  11. tor Says:

    Did someone say, ‘designer cocaine?’

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  13. markus Says:

    is that the latest apple store?
    i don’t see any of their products – but that seems to be the new strategy – go virtual – download mp3s to your brain directly – apple is really a cool company.

    honestly – i wonder if the architects had too much red bull. and i always thought with the desaster we also got rid of the “i have to have table tennis and a basketball basket in my office to have relaxed workers” attitiude. seemingly the next bubble is coming – i just wonder if its the soft-drink bubble this time.

  14. VanillaFountain Says:

    I like the various design aspects of it. I don’t like the gimmickey “stimulating” aspects. A slide and a ping pong table in the meeting room. wtf? Whats stimulating about a slide, the workers must be seriously repressed introverts to be stimulated by a slide my 8 year old son would find tame.

    No cliched firemans pole?

    How long before someone bullishly removes the net from the ping pong table because they are fed up with it snagging documents!

    Vertical drop slides are pretty stimulating!

  15. Engin Says:

    Perfect design. i will save this pics and i will use :)

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    […] Red Bull geeft je vleugels. En schijnbaar helpt het energieverhogende drankje de heren directeuren ook naar ongekende hoogte. Aanschouw het nieuwe ontworpen kantoor maar eens dat in Londen is gevestigd. Wie zou hier niet willen werken? […]

  17. Laura Says:

    No me parece que el diseño sea una mala solución, si parece demasiado a apple habra sido el objetivo, lo que no me parece bien es el equipamiento de colchonetas en las oficnas, quien trabaja ahi? pareciera que van a ver tele y jugar al ping pong! el detalle de la escaler muy bueno!

  18. N.Elina Says:

    amazing concept haha i love that slide..wanna try those!!!
    nice combination of colors..materials and forms..interesting and fun.
    never occur to me that red bull wants this kind of design lol
    cool tho 😉

    great work *clap**Clap*

  19. Ellen Kolansky Says:

    Ick. How does this pale, empty environment stimulate thinking. Natural environment that suggests interesting connections is better than this bland, sterile officescape. My picture: Papers fly as person slides to meeting.

  20. ganesh co. Says:

    Es una muestra de diseño demasiado vanguardista, es increible que se critique con puntos negativos, ya que es un lugar de trabajo para gente joven e innovadora, es un gran trabajo, ya que tiene dos puntos, el primero referente a la solucion de la arquitectura y el segundo lo refiero a el diseño industrial, ambas ramas van de la mano y es imposible no observar desde un punto de vista positivo. Maravilloso diria yo, innovador y contemporaneo sin dejar la expresion arquitectonica, el diseño industrial y el diseño de interiores

  21. fabian Says:

    i agree

  22. me Says:

    them architects/designers of this “office” must have bonded with a silly pill or two to pull an idea like this from sketch, to finish. nice

  23. no Says:

    I’d like to see a fattie go down that slide – now that would be so unPC – like your thinking – really controversial – very gorilla ff’s sake!

  24. scott Says:

    they need all that stuff to energize their employees because their drinks sure don’t do that! they just make ’em crash and burn. not that i’m saying their a bad company, just the product is invalid. there is so much sugar in it, once your body uses it all it doesn’t know where to store the rest of the excess sugars and your body actually becomes less energized than it was before.

  25. BlueZeal News » News Archive » “Your Career is an Extreme Sport” Says:

    […] Look like rather than sticking with their normal sports-analogies, the Americans have decided to take it one step further and start using extreme sports camparisons for describing their goals, mission statements and roles in the business world. Someone’s written a book with the above title, detailing the extreme sports skills relevant to the workplace, including eskimo rolls and halfpipes – showing how high-risk sport skills can be transferred to business and management. Which is somewhat reminicent of the Red Bull offices, where they have slides instead of stairs, which could be considered risky enough for some of the less fit workers in many offices. […]

  26. richard Says:

    Think about what Red Bull is, how seriously unnecessary it is as a product. This is an environment designed for a bubble-marketing economic culture. It’s a frame to reinforce self-importance and awareness of image over substance. Check this place out in five years – if it’s still standing. It’ll be a real estate office.

    Designers tell themselves all kinds of stories about the “importance” of their work; people who aren’t owned by the designers or the companies who pay them (are you listening, Frank?) see through it, but have to live with it. As in language, usage determines everything, and this steel and plastic pit is a container for deluded drones. The “hipness” is a fascistic reminder: You are working in an important place, doing important things to sell an important drug.

  27. innisfree Says:

    red bull headquarters in london…

    someone finally understands that happy people pruduce good work i wish my office was this cool or that they let me take a slk for a spin wenever i feel stressed ^^…

  28. Taylor Says:

    It would be best to schedule your day’s meeting starting on the top floor and ending on the lower ones….Solid sliding all day long.

  29. Matt Says:

    Actually, rather than cretaive stimulation, I would venture a guess that the slide does a better job of promoting coworker relations (i.e teamwork)…. you have to feel like a complete tool on that slide in the middle of a work day, so if you can easily feel unashamed at work just to get to the other floor, those barriers to better teamwork are already taken care of. Pretty cool concept.

  30. sjpeer Says:

    I think it’s great when companies value a quality work environment. I personally don’t like the cold, modern feel of this office. I like a highly customizable approach. Each person has his/her own preferences for what makes a productive work space.

    Whenever I see an overly fancy office like this, I also can’t help but think of a commnet Peter Lynch made. He said that he always likes to see a company headquarters that’s not luxurious because it means they’re too focused on making money to worry about it. My question is, how can you tell if shabby offices are a result of focusing on revenues versus not having revenue.

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    […] Needless to say, we shopped around for a bit to find an office space that provided enough square footage and enough electricity to support us into the foreseeable future.  While our office space is no Red Bull London, it certainly is adequate and comfortable for the tremendous amount of hours we spend there.  When we moved in we calculated the space needed for employee desks, workstations, chair movement (rolling in and out), office traffic patterns (i.e. clear line to the coffee machine at all times), cabling, and server equipment.  Here’s a few of the money-saving tricks we used to furnish our office space: […]

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  33. Yong & yong Des Says:

    That’s what RED BULL is all about..
    nice concept..
    well done =D

  34. tRitO!MLG! Says:

    IMPRESIONANTE! POCO a POCO conseguiremos un mundo mas Vistoso!!!.. i love ID. CONGRATULATIONs REDBULL HQ.. nice&veryNice Concept

  35. bob Says:

    What does “It looks like an ipod” mean? Seriously. Talk about overgeneralizing a relationship between two completely different intetions with vastly different scales and material composition.

  36. Miera Says:

    No wonder Red Bull is $2.00 a can. I want a slide!

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  38. Luiz Claudio Says:

    i need this jod!!?!?
    but, the ping pong table is not a circle, so, please change this form…
    i stay very very happyness in see the quality with some people works, but i don’t this luck…
    love red bull and drink every day…
    bye bye LUU…

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  42. John Says:

    il cocko

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  44. Jeff Says:

    I love slides ever since i was little

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    […] This one to the left is a slide to go between floor at the Red Bull HQ in London! […]

  46. ANDERS|denken Says:

    Viel zu cool für eine (Arbeits-)zelle…

    An anderer Stelle hat Alexander Greisle kürzlich dazu aufgerufen, Fragen über das Büro der Zukunft zu stellen. Damit auch das [siehe Video ‘My Cubicle’] nicht passiert, beschäftigt sich das Fraunhofer Institut im Projekt office21 mit…

  47. john p Says:

    I think this design is interesting in that it’s really more retro than modern. This looks a lot more like the lounges in 2001 A Space Odessey than anything you see in new office buildings (at least in Chicago). Call it post-modern kitsch…I rather like it.

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    […] Nothing says – by any means – that your church offices need a slide like the offices at Red Bull London HQ, but your church should consider providing your staff with a creative environment to help boost their creativity and productivity. […]

  49. Jackie Paleka Says:

    I hope the people that work in this building aren’t as cold and sterile as the design!!!!

  50. button Says:

    buildings cant look like ipods

    im also submitting this idea to our church’s committee in preparation for a remodeling of our church.

    vous etes debile

  51. Ripa na chulipa Says:

    kem fala ingles e filho da p* e espanhol tabem…

  52. Ripa na chulipa Says:

    eu boto fezes q vcs saum um bando d viadinhus viu???


    ai ai ai!!!

  53. Olivia Says:

    Es increiblemente innovador…arquitectura-diseño y claro energia!…una representacion buenisima de la marca.

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  55. lady Says:

    you can cover it up as much as you like but… you work for a company that sells taurine in your drinks. A chemical that is band throughout most of europe.

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  61. bulla Says:

    you cant tell me you would prefer your workspace to this?,, a 10 ft cubicle? im quite sure that i see a bar there also..
    you can trash it if u like. and of course theres improvement,, but at least their leading the way with innovative work environments.. 10 years ago, you would think youd only see that in a movie..
    and it seems to work for red bull.. *clap* *clap*

  62. the big dawg Says:

    what a wonderful building.. glad i dont have to clean it..

    There are no staff in the pictures… probably all off with taurine related illneses!

  63. pft Says:

    where’s the milk bar? overdone & hackneyed. in a year or two it will be passe.

  64. Martijn Says:

    The full story on this HQ interior is dealt with in the upcoming edition of Frame Magazine. Out in April. Read all about the why and the how..and is that slide really that much fun?

  65. Red Bull Employee Says:

    Hey to everyone leaving comments about the wonderful Red Bull HQ in London!

    I have worked for Red Bull for a year and a bit up in bonny Scotland. I have never visited the HQ, but from these pictures, I can see that it is stunning!

    To everyone leaving negative comments about the product, I can inform you that the product was scientifically tested extensively before it was even launched and there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it is harmful to the body. It is also proven to work, again through extensive scientific research. To those suggesting it is packed full of sugar… It contains the same amount of sugar as a 500ml glass of Fresh Breakfast Orange juice… I hope I’ve cleared a few things up for people!!!

  66. Phil Says:

    About the iPod comment.

    Thats the style of the age – you think in the 60’s people ran about going – ugh – why does everything look so sixties.

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    […] March 19th, 2007 What’s work got to do with it? A lot if you have to go by what some of the most coolest companies are doing with their office spaces. HR experts now believe that it’s easier to be productive, creative and happy at work in a colourful, organic, playful environment than in a grey, linear, boring one. And just on the outside of the building. Here’s a peek into some of the world’s best work spaces. Pixar, Google Mindlab, Red Bull London, super cool agency Modernista, Volkswagen’s new transparent factory. For those intensely passionate about the subject here’s a scholarly study on how management can influence behaviour by work place design. Posted by icontract Filed in Uncategorized […]

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    […] RedBull HQ London Beautiful and would be one of the top spot to be working with. And if you are anywhere around The United States of America, Red Bull organized a competition where you can recycle their cans for a work of art that would win you thousands of dollars. […]

  69. Gawain Says:

    Hahaha, an iPod WISHES it looked that good, David!

  70. TPN :: GDay World » Blog Archive » Cam’s World for 19 April, 2007 Says:

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  71. mod*mom Says:

    amazing. redbull must be raking in the dough.
    isn’t it a high caffeine sports laxative drink?

  72. hahahaahah Says:

    hahahaha. the ipod office.

    architects — the snake oil salesmen of the 21st century.

  73. arlinda sheqiri Says:

    sweet design

  74. Jennifer Mitchell Says:

    I think their offices are very energetic, which is what Red Bull is all about. Will it look outdated soon? Probably. But then it’s simply time to re-do. Not a complete make-over, but a bit of a fix-up. A good designer will make room for that, will anticipate the need for change as you live in a space and find that some things aren’t working. You have to repaint rooms, right? So what’s the big deal? I like it.

  75. Swear By Red Bull Says:

    Helllo!!! First things first: Its a great design for an office. Secondly, Is there anyone .. absolutely ANYONE who has contributed their opinions (negative or positive) who works in an office half as funky as this one. Ahem!! I have worked for Red Bull for 2.5 yrs.. and as someone rightly said.. the benefits of the drinks have been proven.. No product can get into the market without enough research and proff.. its basics of businees honey! And .. TAURINE… dear… is a NATURAL ingredient thats found in every human body..!!! :). Besides.. ur talking about Red Bull being banned.. Kellogs is banned in some countries!!

    Bottom line being.. its a super cool design.. it does encourage energy and innovation.. :) :)

    P.S::: Someone also said somrthing about staff not being in these pictures, Again while taking pictures of sites and designs (be it home spaces, offices, construction sites) one usually does not take it with ppl in them! Cia!

  76. Lucas Says:

    Dear David (from the beggining) why do you think this looks like an ipod? maybe ipod looks like this! I am sick of people refering to the ipod as a revolutionary thing in many ways, becoase it IS NOT!! and that’s it. this is a very original design, and also this type of desing has been invented long before ipod, or apple. so apple copied the style not the other way around…

    btw very nice entirier

  77. Lucas Says:

    hahaa fuck you :)

  78. Lucas Says:

    the last message is TO THE USER hahahaha, who posted a few posts bedore this.

  79. Lucas Says:

    i just have to say another thing. great site, but LOTS of aneducated visitors. that’s a shame. maybe you should edit theese coment, just so people would not express their stupidity and how uninformed they are.

  80. saba halde Says:

    i really liked d whole concept..its quite interesting…good wrk!

  81. Ben Says:

    I was actually fortunate enough to visit this office for a meeting last year. It really is something else. It felt slightly uncomfortable at first, having to sit inside a glass pod to have a meeting with their Marketing Manager, however once you get use to it, you really begin to enjoy it, the whole atmosphere is just out of this world. Well done to the designers who were responsible for it.

  82. I refuse to grow old » idioXINEcrasies Says:

    […] But I still think it’s more of the attitude. My parents are happy people that’s why their aging process is slow. Sometimes I still get depressed when things don’t go my way and that’s what I want to avoid. I don’t want words like worry and stress seemed to be plastered on my face that everyone can see that I AM worried and stressed. What I’m feeling within is a reflection of myself so I better be feeling young and energetic too. And I think I know just how to do it. I don’t take everything too seriously and I still find time to play, doodle, watch anime/cartoons, basically just doing the things I love to do. I remember seeing pictures of the Red Bull London Headquarters in a website before and it looks really great and a fun place to work. I searched for it again and came across this post. It looks like a really fun workplace. I’d be delighted to work in a very spacious and comfortable office with a slide to move from one floor to another. […]

  83. Stacy Fabian Says:

    when you say it’s ove. Stacy Fabian.

  84. Joey Hadassah Says:

    that’s why it will never wor. Joey Hadassah.

  85. Jeroni Says:

    im going to london, just to visit this office!
    David dont hate, Participate….

  86. Arbeidsmiljø for estetikere at radiohode Says:

    […] NÃ¥r den dagen kommer at jeg forlater min nÃ¥værende arbeidsplass – med sjefer og kolleger og “whatnot” grÃ¥tende i vinduet mens de titter etter meg med lengselsfulle blikk nÃ¥r jeg gÃ¥r – vil jeg jobbe her. […]

  87. Chiel Says:

    Why do they need stairs????

    Red bull makes you fly doesn’t it??? 😉

  88. Rickie Says:

    Looks a bit to sterile for me.

  89. manny luvs redbull Says:

    ooh myy dayssss… a woman that wrks in this office came 2 my wrk in a mini with a big can of redbull attached 2 the back of her car… she told me about this office n how it had a slide in it, my boss laughed and said she wus lying, so i had 2 cum n check it out…… i need 2 wrk 4 red bull, i think its gna b my aim in life…..plzzzzzzzz hire me :)
    ps….. i drink like 8 cans of red bull a day…….its the best drink in the world!!!
    manny, 21, wolverhampton

  90. leigha Says:

    My dad works at red bull and he’s got new cloths it goes early and then
    lates i like my dad on earlys because i get to see him after

    love from leigha i love you dad

  91. Random Holly Says:

    You should see the red bull cars that are running around alberta…. those of you obsessed enough with red bull would love them…. too bad i got no pics….

  92. Brandon Says:

    “no, I, uh, I don’t actually drink-”
    “Are you…why are you winking at me?”
    “Oh, that’s just the brain tumor 😀 Probably brought on by not drinking enough red bull while sliding down our slide in an attempt to establish we are a hip, with-it company. So, I repeat: WANT TO GO DOWN THE SLIDE!?!?!”

  93. John The Baptist Says:

    Went to this office for a meeting yesterday. In answer to the question about fatties getting stuck on the slide, they are no fatties working there, they’re all perfectly formed beautiful human beings – looked more like a fashion show than an office environment. Kind of funky / trendy but I really wonder how much actual work gets done? I overheard one guy (jeans halfway down his arse, tea-towel round his neck) asking someone to stock up the bar as he was going to be drinking till late in the evening?! Plus, the lovely floor tiles are now peeling off and turned up at the edges!

    Then again, I’m not used to the city lifestyle, maybe this is how it all works and i’m just old fashioned!

  94. Mike thinks Says:

    Nice design, but trying too hard to say it is “cool”. All a little static and nothing reflecting the personality of the people that work there. Give truly creative people the space to do their own thing and the result is an evolving rich tapestry that really does stimulate and inspire! But perhaps the guy with the jeans half way down his arse does not have the imagination and is simply just another victim! At least they are trying, I wish more would.

  95. the dutchman Says:

    interesting workplace, i wouldn’t mind having my office look like this!

    david is a smelly pee stain.

  96. Mike Says:

    Why all the distaste towards slides? Did everyone grow up way too fast such that they’ve forgotten how to have a little childish fun?

    Nothing wrong with acting childish so long as you know when to act like a grown up. There should be slides in every office! WEEEEEEEEEEE!

  97. / blog » Blog Archive » Le QG de Red Bull Says:

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  100. ammre Says:

    totally random but have you ever seen the slide at The Technical University of Munich? It goes 3 stories and apparently it’s slightly terrifying. The design had it as one solid piece, but they couldn’t get it into the building that way and they forgot to build it into the building so they had to cut it.

  101. malvika Says:

    love the sldie. and yeah.. i am sick of ipod design too

  102. Nicholas Says:

    Only ipod related thing here though is the reception!

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    “iPod design”? its called minimalism and apple certainly didnt come up with it.

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    very slick, but except for maybe the colour-scheme, there’s nothing “Red-Bull” about it.

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