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Wednesday, May 16th, 2007 beta

“Save the World one click at a time!”

Wow, what an awesome idea (which I had once, but these guys made it happen). Basically, operates off the idea of using ad revenue as money for donations. You click, you’ve donated. How simple and brilliant. If your the type that advocates saving the world, but have no money, and only time, here ya go! Click away and save the world. 100% of clicks/revenue go directly to specified foundations, though I wished there was someway for individuals to see how much they have contributed click-wise, time, or money…. check them away!

via NotCot


Monday, May 14th, 2007


StoryCorps is a national project to instruct and inspire people to record one another’s stories in sound.

StoryCorps celebrates our shared humanity and collective identity. It captures and defines the stories that bond us. The process of interviewing a friend, neighbor, or family member can have a profound impact on both the interviewer and the storyteller. People change, friendships grow, families walk away feeling closer and understanding each other better. Listening, after all, is an act of love.

A StoryCorps interview is an opportunity to ask the questions that never get asked because the occasion never arises. How did you come to this country? How did you and mom meet? How did Uncle Harry get the nickname “Twinkles”?”

StoryCorps is a captivating project by design studio LocalProjects with recordings from everyday people ranging from friendships, relationships, struggles, identity, heroes, disasters, work, and various other personal experiences told by people like yourself.  I’ve listened to well over a dozen recordings and feel like I’ve journeyed around the country meeting everyday people with fascinating personal stories over a nice cup of coffee conversations.

Take a Listen, Participate, or learn more about StoryCorps here.

Dragons Den

Friday, May 11th, 2007
dragons den bbc

If your an inventor, designer, entrepreneur, business leader, or just curious about what make and breaks great business ideas, take a look at the hit show Dragons Den in the UK where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to Venture Capitalist (the Dragons) in seek of investments to develop their ideas even further in exchange for a percentage in their company. The show ranges from product inventions, to services, to strategies, business models, and every little aspect of what’s needed to be successful in creating a new company.  I’ve actually met one of the dragons during a pitch once before, but I’ll keep that to myself 😉

If your not in the UK, no problem….just go to their small video page here of winning pitches,(click the full screen button) or cling on to awesome video streams of each show at High Resolution at (Dragons Den season 2, season 3, season 4) Most of the shows result in no investments, but the ones that make it through are pretty darn good. Here’s an hour long episode I watched recently…pretty good.

Washington DC

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
Washington DC trip 2007

I made a quick trip into Washington DC over the weekend and had a few hours to trek abouts the rather majestic, patriotic, and very beautiful landscape, though the kick-butt sunny weather helped out a bunch. I don’t have much to say since I only had 3 hours to walk around, but I’ll post some pics of the somewhat touristy areas I passed by after the jump…enjoy!(also a pic of the cool airport security machine that spits air at ya)(aboves the incredible subway system, the Metro) (more…)

Simpsons: Google Earth

Friday, May 4th, 2007

It’s friday, and I thought I’d post up this very true and hilarious Simpsons clip. Besides the fact that everyone Googles themselves and declines it, hopefully we can all play this Google Earth game in the near future if the data ever become real time data. My silver car’s bookmarked in G-earth 🙂

Joost invites!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Joostâ„¢ the best of tv and the internetI’ve been beta testing the wildly buzzin Joost for the past few weeks and now I have a ton of invites to give away. If your a TV watching, multi tasking, internet driven, designverb reading, early tech adopting individual, send me your email with your full name with subject “Joost invite please” and I’ll send you an invite in the order that I get them in. (designverb(a) If ya don’t know what Joost is, check out their cool intro video or read about them via Lifehacker w/screenshots.

update: To save me loads of time please use the time saving automated joost invite version thanks to GigaOm and NewTeeVee right here.

Clay Grass Tennis!

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

federer nadal tennis court grass clay
How bizarre! First came the breathtaking mile high tennis court with Andre Agassi, and now tennis star Roger Federer dukes it out with French Open champion Rafael Nadal on an experimental exhibition part clay part grass tennis court costing $1.63 million to set up(damn…give me $5000, and I’ll make that happen and pocket the rest). I’ve always been a fan of half&half pizza, drinks, hybrid cars, tools, payments, etc, but I never thought I’d see this happen. It would be interesting to see this again with the split happening horizontally (each player with both floors). Maybe a dangerous oncrete, clay, grass court is next.

Read the rest of the story with more pictures after the jump.
via Slam Sports and ESPN.



Sunday, April 29th, 2007

“Voiceprints is an experiment in the translation of audio information to visual imagery. Artist Pierre Proske records a person’s voice into a microphone, analyzes the audio file for frequency content, loops the sample, and then generates a variety of textile patterns arranged according to the individual’s vocal frequency imprint.The basic acoustic unit in human speech is called a phoneme. The visual equivalent is called a “viseme,” a basic speech unit in the visual domain. Interested in the audio to visual translation, Proske developed software that describes sound using basic visual units to represent recorded frequencies.

Proske reminds us that the use of computing in textile design is nothing new. Woven textiles actually form part of computing history, through Joseph Marie Jacquard’s automated patterned textile weaving machine in 1804 which led to the use of punch cards in computing devices.”
via TransStudio

Charlie Todd: Improv Everywhere

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

improv everywhere home depot prank

What happens when a few hundred willing volunteers gather to play a big urban prank, such as walking into a Home Depot store to walk in slow motion for 5 minutes, freeze, and then walk like normal again without breaking a smile? Besides absoute confusion and a landscape like mania, I think of one person; Charlie Todd, the prankster and founder of “Improv Everywhere“.

Charlie made a brief appearence during this past years GEL Conference and showed us his hysterical HomeDepot Prank. Check out the video above, then hit up his HomeDept Mission page with several more detailed videos, pictures, and comments.

Check out the rest of their awesome missions here.

“Book” means “Cool”

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

txt msgBesides this weeks news of 13 year old Morgan Pozgar winning $25k for being the world text messenging champion, another fun, social, behavioral, and somewhat pop cultural fact I learned this past week was the effects of the T9 predictive typing system found on most phones:

“That’s so Book! In an interesting technical flavor to linguistics, T9 predictive text on mobile phones is now starting to have an effect on language. For example, ‘book’ now means ‘cool’ because when either is entered (2665) into a T9 predictive phone, ‘book’ is offered before ‘cool,’ and is now used in place of the latter.”

I don’t use T9 often since it never outputs my designerly modified crappy lingo but this might also be old news as my phone currently does output “cool” before “book”, as does the GUI on the T9 site.

So, can technology change our language or even definitions….sure! Many cultures shorten or replace words much like our Australian friends down under(lingo list). Even mashups are becoming more common. I learned a bunch of pretty sweet custom terms during word queen Erin MckeansWord Lovers’ Boot Camp during GEL last week. The two words that stuck in my head were:

1.”CrappyJack”: any kind of empty, snacky junk food.
2. “Drunch”: to consume alcoholic beverages with like-minded individuals between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Sunday. 😉

I also learned the the term “Ecosexual: A person who’s into hybrid cars, low energy lightbulbs, and recycling.” via Treehugger

In-Flight Education

Monday, April 23rd, 2007
in flight education

Woa… smart! via springwise

“Giving customers the opportunity to learn a few words of Korean or Portuguese while en route to Seoul or São Paulo, Air France introduced in-flight language instruction on selected flights this month. An interactive audiovisual language program developed by Berlitz, the service works on regular in-flight entertainment screens. Passengers can learn and practice the basics of 23 different languages, in four main lesson categories: numbers, dates, words and dialogue.

JAL and Singapore Airlines also offer Berlitz Word Traveller as part of their in-flight entertainment package, and Virgin Atlantic has experimented with Japanese and Spanish lessons. It’s a great example of’s status skills trend. As many consumers are demonstrating a value shift in status from passive consumption to mastering skills, smart companies are offering their customers the opportunity to add to their skill set. Similar initiatives include BMW’s Performance Driving Schools, the Sony Digital University or the Viking Cooking School. Watch and learn!”

IDSA Shift Conference: RISD

Saturday, April 21st, 2007
idsa shift conference risd

I’m off to this years IDSA conference “Shift” over the weekend which is being held at the wonderful campus of RISD. I have not been to an IDSA conference for some time so I have no clue what to expect though I’m doubting it will as diverse as TED, GEL, or Poptech. Otherwise, I do look forward in seeing the students portfolios and seeing how digitalized, web savvy, and smart they are….hopefully none have fallen into the the “cool rendering” trap as good ideas! I’m seeking more of a real problem solving, storytelling, global changing, methodology type. If your near RISD this weekend, swing by…I think tickets are still available.