Paint Chip Card Holders!

paint chip card set of 3

A bunch of ya’ll that have met me have asked me about my card-holder. Well, here it is. I grabbed a few of those free paint chips ya find at paint stores (home depot), made a few bends here and there, and bahm, you have your very own colorful hand-made paint chip card holder. I made a DIY guide after the jump, though the template’s custom to my cards size (3.5″x1.9/16″). The the home depot chips I used can just barely fit a basic 3.5″x2.5″ card with some changes in the template. Lots of pics after the jump along with the DIY instructions.

paint chip card holder DIY

To start off, go grab some paint chips(home depot, or any hardware paint store). Pick your favorite color or name. I went by the name, and went with the chip “Green Shimmer”, “Spirit Whisper”, and “Key Lime”!

paint chip card holder DIY
Here’s a template I made. I changed it up a bit, but you can download the updated version below. The Grey section is what you cut off. The white you keep, and the red lines are where you scribe and bend the card.

Note: Put clear packaging tape over the printed template to avoid ink transfer to your paint chips face.

paint chip card holder.template

This is the updated template for my custom card size.(click it and download it) To change the size of the template, make “A” the height of your card, and “B” the thickness that you want the card holder to be. The current design allows about 16-25 cards. You can shift the outlines around based on how you want to graphics from the chips to show up.
Update: Here’s an updated template for a regular 3.5″ x 2″ biz card. In this template, you will have to glue or double tape the final side internal flap noted as “tape or glue”. Enjoy!

paint chip card holder DIY
Take the template, and flip your paint chip upside down onto it. This allows you to make the scribe marks on the backside of the paint chip.

paint chip card holder DIY

Once ya got it down, tape down 3-4 sides.

paint chip card holder DIY

The tools you’ll need are simple: A ruler(straight edge), exacto knife, and scribe, or a rounded point(something that will crease the paper, but not cut).

paint chip card holder DIY
Scribe all the red lines.
Be sure to avoid scribing over the entire back. It’s not bad if you do, but it just makes a much cleaner back surface.
Cut away the Grey areas. The really small offsets are to give room for the paper to fold into each other, and also for a nice slot for the flap.

paint chip card holder DIY
Bahm! Everything is cut out, bent, and ready for some folding.

paint chip card holder DIY

Fold everything inwards, 90 degrees. Do not bend tooooo much in case some paint wants to flake off.

paint chip card holder DIY

Put a long piece of tape on the bottom part where I labled it “tape”. This is placed to give your cards a nice slide into your holder.

paint chip card holder DIY
Take that long piece of tape, and lay it down all the way through the top flap. If you can cover a majority of the length, it’s good, as long as it makes it up to the “top flap”. Otherwise, use extra tape, and cut off the excess afterwards.

paint chip card holder DIY
After you get the tape down, the rest of the folding should be pretty easy to figure out. The side flap is the 2nd to last step. The last step should be folding in the “Inside Flap”. Once this piece is folded in, the whole thing should be locked all together without any tape.
paint chip card holder DIY

Pop your cards in, and make sure it fits! The inside flap acts as a spring in a way, to keep your cards snug even when theres only a few cards left inside.
paint chip card holder DIY

Now you might notice this buldge on the side. If you want, stick a piece of double sided tape inside before you fold everything together. Otherwise, it holds together nicely without any tape. You can also use glue or something. If you are using the same paint chips I used(5″x6″) and plan to make a card holder for a 3.5″x2.5″, then you will need to use tape since there is very little extra once you expand the template to fit the larger version.

DIY card holder paint chip

Bahm! Here is what you get as a final product after sticking in some tape!
paint chip card holder

paint chip card holder DIY

I made a bunch of them. On the right side is an example of the 3.5″ x 2.5″ card holder.

paint chip card holder DIY

A different color for every occasion.

paint chip card holder DIY 3set

These might also work great for the wonderful Flickr Moo MiniCards I posted about before!

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    super cool! i love this! thanks for posting!

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  9. ams Says:

    I like this idea. All 200 of my 5th graders will be making Artist Trading Cards next year. I was wondering how we would keep track of them. We might give these holders a try first. THANKS!

  10. amethystlune Says:

    wow! what a GREAT idea!! thanks for sharing it to the world! ūüôā

  11. dianna_design Says:

    I’m just finding this now… These are so great! Thanks! ~D

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  14. Miguel Angel Says:

    Muy bueno!, no s√ɬ≥lo la cajita sino los dise√ɬĪos son cheveres, saludos de Per√ɬļ,

  15. Miguel Angel Says:

    Muy bueno!, no s√ɬ≥lo la cajita sino los dise√ɬĪos son cheveres,
    saludos desde Per√ɬļ.

  16. cindy@staged4more Says:

    this is just simply brilliant! i am gonna make me some of these ;D


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  18. Airborne Says:

    I discovered those boxes some days ago. My box didn’t really look like yours – so i decided to try a matchbox-design which worked out really great. Thanks for those ideas!

  19. Colin Says:

    Wow, these are great.

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  22. Silvia Says:

    I love it! √ā¬°√ā¬°Thanks!!

  23. Melissa Says:

    This is great! I was just shopping for a card holder and didn’t want to shell out $30! You rock!

  24. coemaf Says:

    cool idea, any chance it gets easier though?? my kids wanted to try it, but it was too difficul for them, but iluv the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Kalender Says:

    Really cool. I love thi sboxes.

    Best regards,


  26. Beth Says:

    This looks like a fun idea before you try to make it, but your pictures and directions aren’t very helpful. I was left wondering what to do with all the thin pieces sticking out… in your pictures it doesn’t show you what to do with them. More detailed instructions would be helpful.

  27. tango! Says:

    sorrie for the confusion. The thin pieces sticking out are to stick under flaps…much like you would in assembling an envelope or box. Think of the loose ends as “tabs” that you stick under thigns for support or places to put double sided tape.

  28. emily Says:

    Awesome!!! very creative !!!

  29. Weihnachten basteln Says:

    this is amazingly fun!
    what a grand idea!
    kudos to you!

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  32. Janelle Says:


    i love this idea! i was looking up those cards you get at home depot (didnt know they were called paint chips) i found this! i’ll definitely have to try this out! an awesome design. do you have other diy projects?

    Janelle L. Freelance Photographer

  33. tango! Says:

    I’ve got a few DIY projects…just not documented liek this one… will post them sporadically on … ciao,

  34. Valerie Neal Says:

    My husband is a painter, and has literally TONS of these lying around, although, they are the Sherwin Williams tall skinny ones. I will adapt those and make one for him, thanks for the idea.

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    These are very useful!

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    such beautiful work you do, nicey!

    i’ve included a piece of yours here today in a paint chip love post:

    happy spring!

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